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What is the thickness of the glass in sauna doors and sauna walls? Shower doors and shower walls?2024-04-02T14:16:19+03:00

By default, sauna walls and sauna doors are made with 8mm tempered glass. Shower doors are made with 6mm tempered glass and shower walls are made with 8mm tempered glass.

What are the exact outline dimensions of doors and glass according to aperture sizes?2020-02-28T12:12:11+02:00

The size of each door (glass and outer size of frame) can be found here:

What are the exact sizes of wooden and aluminum frame?2020-02-28T12:10:24+02:00

The size of wooden frame SCAN = 42x92mm / Raiser-68 = 42x68mm.The size of aluminum frame = 43x50mm.

Are the doors left-handed or right-handed? Is it required to order the opening side separately?2024-04-02T14:15:39+03:00

By default we produce right-handed doors; however most* of our doors are universal (standard sizes). To change the opening hand, you are required to unscrew bolts on the lintel, then install the lintel at the bottom side of the door frame and turn the door upside down.

*Exceptions – ComLux doors and some design glass SSD/TLD/HHD (please ask from our sellers).

What is the distance between the lower edge of the glass and the lower edge of the frame on all of your doors?2020-02-28T12:13:38+02:00

Sauna doors = 21mm / Sauna door Raiser68 = 3mm / Steam bath doors = 30mm / Glass solution doors = 50mm / Interior doors = 5mm.

Can we order a glass solution or frameless door for a steam bath/hammam?2024-04-02T14:17:18+03:00

Yes. In this case, a sealing piece is installed on the air gap, which holds the steam in the room.

Can we pack sauna doors and steam doors together with a glass facade on the same pallet?2024-04-02T14:18:16+03:00

Yes. This depends on the size of the pieces that the glass solution consists of. For example: 1 pallet can fit 18-20 packs; therefore, we can pack 15-17 doors and 1 glass solution on the same pallet.

Can we order a door with a threshold?2024-04-02T14:18:44+03:00

Yes. Please ask for the prices on thresholds from our sellers.

Does the roller-lock scratch the glass?2024-04-02T14:19:32+03:00

No. We use high-quality roller-locks and they are made with plastic rolls, that do not scratch the glass.

How long does the door last?2024-04-02T14:20:04+03:00

With proper care (following the installation manual), the door can last up to 10 years.

Why do AU Premium and Lux hinges have 3 installation holes, but the glass is installed using only 1 screw?2021-01-19T13:10:33+02:00

AU Premium and Lux hinges are universal hinges and can be installed on different types of glass. Installing glass with 1 screw is similar to installing glass using Abloy hinges, which is enough for a secure installation.

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